Weight properties of resultants and discriminant  (slides)

Laurent Busé, INRIA Sophia Antipolis


Gale duality, blowups and moduli spaces

Ana-Maria Castravet, Université de Versailles


Tropical moduli spaces and the cohomology of M_g

Melody Chan, Brown University


The Birationality of Dual Nef Multiple Mirrors (slides)

Patrick Clarke, Drexel University


Moving Lines, Soccer and Rees Algebras (slides)

Carlos D’Andrea, Universitat de Barcelona


Tangency and Discriminants

Sandra Di Rocco, KTH


Parametrizing complete intersections of quadrics

Brendan Hassett, ICERM and Brown University


Jordan Type for Artinian Algebras (slides)

Tony Iarrobino, Northeastern University


Instanton numbers of del Pezzo surfaces

Sheldon Katz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Software Q&A (slides) (code)

Anton Leykin and Mike Stillman


Transfinite diameter on varieties (slides)

Sione M’au, The University of Auckland (slides)


A geometric solution to polynomial equations that arise in an inverse-eigenvalue problem (slides)

Tom Sederberg, Brigham Young University


Smooth Hilbert schemes

Gregory G. Smith, Queen’s University


Triples of lattice polytopes with a given mixed volume (slides)

Ivan Soprunov, Cleveland State University


Lattice Size of Polytopes (slides)

Jenya Soprunova, Kent State University


Schubert Galois Groups

Frank Sottile, Texas A&M


Special Syzygies for Rational Generalized Surfaces of Revolution (slides)

Haohao Wang, Southeast Missouri State University


Tropical varieties, algorithms, and applications

Josephine Yu, Georgia Tech